Our Professional Services


SN KYC Total Screening Risk and Compliance System

The world's leading intelligent screening system combines the latest technologies such as machine learning, intelligent analysis, and big data to provide customers with due diligence solutions when combating criminals and terrorists' money laundering activities.


Money Exchange

The "Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Regulations" in line with customs regulations, provide due diligence solutions for money service operators in combating illegal and terrorist money laundering activities.


Licence Consultancy Services

Professional licence consultancy services, follow up the required documents closely, provide professional advice to applicants, and solve problems for money service operators when applying for licences or renewing licences.

Working with programmatic data via API

Clients can integrate the SN KYC API to search our database, or do bulk entity matching to see if any individuals or companies are listed on sanctions or PEP lists. The SN KYC API is a powerful compliance search tool designed to allow users to search and cross-reference sanctions, criminals and PEP data.


We have obtained ISO 27001 certification

We are pleased to announce that Skynet Inno-Tech Limited has passed the ISO 27001 international certification.

This certification demonstrates that Skynet Inno-Tech Limited has managed information security in accordance with international best practices.

It reinforces Skynet Inno-Tech Limited's commitment to the security and confidentiality of processed data and serves as a symbol of assurance and confidence in our customers and business partners.

Getting started with Skynet services

Develop policies and procedures for your business to comply with relevant regulations and AML/CFT regulations, monitor and comply with regulatory guidelines through Skynet's compliance solutions.