Our partners are an extension of the team. By working with us, you can match the solution that best suits your business needs from our comprehensive range of products and services, as well as gain experiences and strategic advices from our world-class senior professional team. Let us work closely together for a better future.

Our Professional Team

With the rapid development of science and technology, "continuous update, continuous improvement" is the company's purpose to meet the changes in the market. In addition to computer system suppliers, our team also has a team of different professionals, including auditors, certified public accountants in Hong Kong, internationally recognized anti-money laundering specialists, legal consultants, etc., providing consulting services, auditing and different effective solutions for different companies .

Hong Kong Fellow Certified Public Accountant

A team of Hong Kong senior accountants with extensive experiences in accounting and taxation.


A team of senior auditors practicing in Hong Kong with professional and rich audit experience can evaluate the fairness, credibility and reasonableness of financial statements for clients.

Internationally Accredited Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

An internationally recognized anti-money laundering specialist specializing in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

Innovation and Technology team

Professional innovation and technology team provides services such as System development, innovation development and technical support, and provides customers with different solutions to assist business development.

"Continuous Update and Improvement"

Our Partners

International Financial Crime Prevention Association (IFCPA)

- Actively promoting a green city with zero financial crime
- World's first AML SDG record holder
- Offers professional certificate courses in the prevention of financial crime/anti-money laundering

Sky Net System Engineering Company Limited

- J-Guide Jewellery Retail Management System Developer
- J-Guide mobile app developer
- Enterprise IT Solutions Plan
- Professional technical support
- Sales of various enterprise hardware and software

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