About Skynet

Skynet Inno-Tech Limited is committed to playing an important role in combating "money laundering" and other illegal activities, providing customers with data, technology and a series of information solutions. "Money laundering" refers to the attempts of criminals and terrorists to cover up funds obtained from illegal activities such as drug trafficking, embezzlement, tax avoidance, and fraud through various means. It is generally referred to as "money laundering" activities. The company plays an important role in combating illegal activities such as money laundering, and helps customers make better decisions and meet regulatory requirements when making key investment, trading and risk decisions through a range of information solutions.

In addition, Skynet Inno-Tech Limited has passed the ISO 27001 international certification. This certification demonstrates that Skynet has managed information security in accordance with international best practices. It reinforces Skynet's commitment to the security and confidentiality of processed data and serves as a symbol of assurance and confidence in our customers and business partners.



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Technology and Analysis

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Big Data

With big data as the core, build a world iconic system and build a solid cornerstone.