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Professional licence consultancy services, follow-up care, one-step delivery, and solve problems for all money service operators.

Money service operators having difficulty in renewing their licences?

We provide money service operator licence consultancy services, assists with the documents preparation for MSO licence renewal, such as anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies and business plans and license renewal related documents, and submits applications to the customs review authority for approval.

Licence renewal process

Renewal processing time varies depending on various factors and is approximately 40-45 business days.


Receipt of a licence renewal notice

90 days before the validity period of the licence, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (“C&ED”) will send a notification of renewal reminder and attach a letter to invite qualified persons to take the competence assessment. Eligible persons nominated for the assessment shall take the assessment within 30 days upon the issue of reminder letter. Eligible persons nominated for the assessment will take the aptitude assessment within 30 days upon the issue of reminder letter.


Submission of Documents

Applicants submit forms, attachments, copies of relevant documents and business plans. Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department will send a Confirmation of Receipt within 7 working days, together with the required supplementary documents.


Competence Assessment

A reminder notice will be delivered to each licensee 90 days before the expiry date of the licence, and the eligible persons of the licensee are required to take the competence assessment within 30 days upon the issue of reminder letter. If the qualified person of the licensee fails to obtain a passing result in the competence assessment, the licensee will be given another opportunity to arrange the qualified person to take the test again after 30 days upon notification of result. If all eligible persons of the licensee fail to pass the competence assessment before the expiry of the licence, the corresponding licence application for licence renewal could be refused upon the circumstance that the Commissioner of Customs and Excise considers the licensee to be no longer fit and proper to operate the money service business.


C&ED issues a meeting notice

Applicants will receive an interview notice and a payment notice for the application for licence renewal.


Licence applicant meets with C&ED

Applicants are required to bring along the notice of interview and payment receipt, as well as the originals of the required documents, to the interview with C&ED at the specified date, time and place. During the interview, the applicant needs to sign Form 2 in front of an authorised officer of C&ED.


Additional documents

C&ED will send a letter to the applicant by email to notify the applicant of the supplementary information and documents needed for the application.

On-site inspection

C&ED arranges on-site inspections of business premises.


Successfully renewed

The applicant successfully renewed the money service operator licence.

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